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Europe’s market is dynamic and flexible, which is why we aim to invest in only high quality assets on that value basis. We add value with our operations-oriented approach and active management of our assets. We primarily invest as lead investors in all transactions and always look to manage those investments actively. We look to find new opportunities and create favorable capital structures to optimize investment returns, using Fenero Capital’s restructuring capabilities and capital market skills.

The evolution of real estate has made it a multifaceted asset class which can reach a wide range of investment objectives. Real estate offers reinforced diversification, high income returns and a hedge against inflation for those looking to protect liabilities or grow their assets. An increasing number of investors are turning to real estate in this worlds of uncertain markets and persistently low yields. Our expertise comes from decades of experience in value maximization for each property we’ve invested in.

Company News

Fenero Capital has initiated to establish a new subsidary in Denmark. We are currently hiring the new management team and have rented office space in the center of Copenhagen.
January 21, 2015